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Zalakaros Spa

Zalakaros Spa

Zalakaros Spa was founded in 1965 . Thanks to the developments of recent years it has now become one of the largest baths in Hungary. 1,500 m2 water surface covered. The spa has been completely renovated in recent years. In addition to therapeutic services, it has become a stronghold of wellness.
In addition to the unique natural environment and the hospitality of the residents, the main attraction of the city is the spa complex, which dates back more than 55 years.

Zalakaros medicinal water

The Zalakaros medicinal water is a sodium chloride and hydrogen carbonate thermal water unique in Europe. The water is slightly radioactive, the content of metaboric acid is very high.
Medicinal water has the best effect in the treatment of chronic gynecological, locomotor and joint diseases, nervous system, heart and circulation, and metabolic disorders.

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