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Zalakaros and surroundings


Thermal lake

One of Zalakaros’ latest investments and attractions offers great entertainment for all ages. The lake itself has a water surface of approximately 12,900 m2, its deepest point is 1.8 m.

The braver ones can try the science of walking on water with the help of the water adventure course in the middle of the thermal lake.

Eco beach

After trying out the exciting possibilities offered by the lake, it is worth visiting the small clearing created in the forest, the meditation space of lights, and then it is also worth trying the pavilion of sounds located next to the host building.


Near to the thermal lake and eco beach, you can move around in the outdoor fitness park, and enjoy fresh air and strengthen your body. Each of the machines comes with a description, from which guests can learn about its correct use and its effect on the body.


Forest lookout tower

The hillside above Zalakaros is covered with forest, which is the lungs of the city.

On the edge of the forest, in the continuation of Park Street, there is one of Zalakaros’ famous points, the Erdészkilátó.

The settlement is located on the border of Zalamerenye, from where a wonderful panorama will be revealed to us from above.

If the weather is good, you can clearly see the Little Balaton and the Balaton highlands. There are pleasant walking trails in the Parkerdő area, and hikers can relax and refresh themselves in the Kilátó Borozó. (The wine bar is only open during the season).

The forest is occasionally used as a venue for sports events, with circuit mountain bike races, hiking tours, and family and sports days organized here.

One of the most popular activity is to visit this cozy place, which offers an experience for adults, families and the elderly too.

On several weekends of the year, we organize a joint walk with a picnic for our guests to the lookout point – ask about the dates at the reception desk.

Frilly water tour

Organizes full-day water tour on the Zala River for anyone who can get to know the wonderful, captivating world of water landscapes.

This summer, the organized canoe tours will start at the guaranteed times.

The organizers promise that those who have tried it once will want more of it!



KIS-BALATON - Little Lake Balaton

István Fekete Memorial, Kis-Balaton / Fenékpuszta / Diás Island

It can only be visited with a professional guide!

The first 3 km section of the trip can be done as a passenger in an electric golf cart instead of in your own vehicle, or by canoe from July 15, 2020. The ticket prices for your own car / golf cart / canoe tour can be found at Ticket prices and in the downloadable Director’s instructions. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the first few kms can not be done by bicycle, if you arrive at the meeting place by bicycle, you must reserve a seat on the golf cart in advance. The golf cart can accommodate a maximum of 13 passengers, so we can not guarantee that they will be able to reserve a seat in advance. Please wait for the confirmation e-mail from our colleagues whether your reservation was successful.

More information:
István Fekete Memorial, Kis-Balaton / Fenékpuszta / Diás Island

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