Programmes, excursions

Nature as far as your eyes can see, accessible excursion targets, cultural programmes, sporting opportunities, and culinary experiences; anything you desire.

Ideas for excursions, leisure and sporting oportunities:

Zalakaros – There are a lot of cycle paths and hiking trails crossing the mountains in this town situated in the vicinity of Kis-Balaton (Little Balaton), surrounded by wine hills. The lookout tower lets you view as far as the Balaton mountains.

Galambok – A fishing lake of picturesque beauty is awaiting the nature lovers, it’s worth organising a cycle tour to this place.

Kis-Balaton (Little Balaton) – Little Balaton, having a unique flora and fauna, is situated a few kilometres from Zalakaros. The Kányavári Island is open for all for decently spending your leisure time. From its two outlook towers you can view the wonderful beauty of the landscape, and you can come to know the fauna of Little Balaton. For those having a fishing license there are fishing possibilities in the close proximity of the Újszabar-Zalavár road and of the Kányavári Island, where the flora and fauna are unique.

Zalavár – Out of its attractions, we can mention the monuments of King St. Stephen and of Cyril and Methodius. The Kis-Balaton House on Vársziget has been opened in August 2000, the general public can learn here about the history of Kis-Balaton and the region, about the changes, fate, revival, results, and landscape and nature values of the Kis-Balaton.

Kápolnapuszta – It has an exhibition presenting the flora and fauna of the Kis-Balaton and the history of buffaloes. Its walking path has resting areas and outlook points where you can view the landscape using telescopes.

Keszthely – This town, regarded as the capital of Balaton, is situated 35 km from Zalakaros. You can find here the castle of the Festetich counts, and the museums established in the castle’s park, such as the Model Railway Museum and the Chariot Museum. You can visit several other museums in the town (Balaton Museum, Georgikon Croft Museum, Marzipan Museum and Doll Museum). From spring to autumn you can make excursions on Lake Balaton on the board of several cruise ships. The town has 3 strands that are awaiting the water lovers in the summer. In the winter, when Lake Balaton is frozen, a skating rink is designated at the city strand, on the ice of the lake, where you can safely enjoy the pleasures of ice. In the meantime, mulled wine, tea, punch, and fried sweet chestnuts are awaiting those who want to warm up. Those favouring cultural programmes can choose from concerts, light opera evenings, and theatre performances for their entertainment.

Sümeg – It awaits the guests with spectacular castle games from spring to autumn.

Artistic programmes: painting, sculpture, felting and other new techniques.

You can organise excellent walking or biking tours in the surroundings, and you also have the possibility for playing tennis, riding, and fishing.

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